Darkside Haunted Estates


  • Witch Doctor Emporium
  • The Bunker
  • Rotten Korr Cemetery
  • Clown Town


Once you have your tickets your Darkside Haunted Estates experience begins! Once in the midway, rather than waiting in a long and boring line, you can enjoy additional entertainment in the Midway. The Midway features: The Last Ride burial semulator, The Hellavator, Build a Buddy, concessions, a gift shop, character interaction, photo-ops, fire pits, and so much more! Many guests stay for hours after their experience, simply because the Midway is filled with so much scary-fun entertainment!


Upon beginning the walking trail, you will make your way through 16 attractions including: WITCH DOCTOR EMPORIUM, THE BUNKER, SKULLY’S INLET, ROTTEN KORR CEMETERY, CLOWN TOWN and many more! One back into the midway you will go through THE ASYLUM, THE BUNDIE HOTEL, and THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE. Darkside Haunted Estates is consistently creating new experiences unlike anything you’ve ever seen or imagined. Darkside Haunted Estates features a huge and wide variety of sets, scares, props, and special FX. It is our guarantee that your experience will be worth much more than what you pay! Our team works non-stop year after year to provide an experience that is unrivaled and is among the very best across the nation. Darkside Haunted Estates is one of the most scariest and intense haunted house in the Johnston County area. We hope you visit us this season and experience Darkside Haunted Estates!


Darkside Haunted Estates focuses most on customer satisfaction. We know that our fans and customers are the heart of our success, and no matter how successful we become; Our customers will always come first. We are dedicated to bringing each customer a safe, entertaining, and frightfully-fun experience! Our mission is that every customer leaves with a fear-filled smile! Our actors are trained to scare those who are not scared and entertain those who are scared. This is part of how we deliver a frightful, thrilling, yet fun experience! This ensures that we can bring the most desirable experience possible to each individual guest, based on their specific wants and needs. Although scaring is our goal, it is more important that we provide a memorable and enjoyable experience to our guests. As a way to give back, we are constantly conducting giveaways, discount nights, and more, in order to show special appreciation to our customers.


Safety is key when it comes to providing an enjoyable, scary, and thrilling experience. This is why we take the necessary steps to ensure safety throughout Darkside Haunted Estates and its attractions. We have Sherrifs,security and safety personnel in place at all times, ready to act in case of an emergency. If there is ever an accident within any of our attractions (fire, hostile situation, panic attack, medical issue, etc.) our trained staff is prepared to take action and assist in every way necessary. Another way we ensure safety to our guests is by conducting a metal detection and security check on each customer that visits Darkside Haunted Estates. Upon your arrival, please know that the following items are not allowed inside our attractions: weapons, knives, lighters, flashlights, and glow-items. Finally, we guarantee that our scare actors are fake monsters, and not real monsters. In addition, we train each of our actors on the art and safety of haunted house acting. All in all, we guarantee that you are safe throughout your entire visit at Darkside Haunted Estates. You may rest assured that you can experience the thrill of being scared, while knowing you are in a safe environment that presents no true threat.